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        Weve learned that we spend a lot of time in meetings, and havent been setting enough time away from them to actually work on deliverables.
        Sara Sadat
        IT Manager
        In her infinite wisdom, Oprah once said: You can have it all, just not all at once! Harvest forces us to think about time as a finite resource. Weve become time management superheroes.
        Jan-Sijmen Zwarts
        Web Developer, Brightin
        Time tracking has helped us understand that we (and our clients) dont realize how long it takes to design great work.
        Meredith Barr
        Director of Operations, Ashton
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        Established in 2006


        The seed is planted

        After a futile search for a time tracking tool that wasnt miserable to use, web designers Shawn Liu and Danny Wen took a stab at creating one of their own. Harvest was born.

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        As Special Project Coordinator Katie is the office jack-of-all-trades, and we all enjoy her cooking and gardening skills. Shes also a huge Stevie Wonder fan and is responsible for the wonderful addition of Songs in the Key of Life to the Harvest HQ record collection.

        Originally from Barcelona, Julias now a full-fledged digital nomad. In the last year shes visited Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, NYC, SF, Portland, LA, Barcelona, Stockholm, Berlin, Edinburgh, and Colombia, working from coffee shops, hostels, coworking spaces, planes, and even a minibus.

        When Karla isnt putting feature updates through their paces as a member of the QA team, she can be found taking care of her pastel ball python Monet Emile, named after pastel artist Claude Monet and actor Emile Hirsch.

        Matthew is Harvests resident karaoke MC, and has helped lead Forecast from just an idea to a fully fledged product used by over three thousand companies.

        Even though Alanna normally works to support our support team from Harvest HQ, she recently hit the road for her honeymoon. She and her husband drove from Brooklyn to the West Coast and over six months she worked remotely from five cities (and visited thirteen national parks).

        One of the developers behind our Slack integration, Piotr is the first to wish other Harvesters happy birthday with his signature Photoshopped cakes. Though he grew up with turtles, mice, guinea pigs, bunnies, dogs, cats, and parrots, he doesnt currently have a pet.

        Justin Vernon is from BethAnnes hometown, which is why she added For Emma, Forever Ago to the Harvest HQ record collection. Even though shes a super friendly Harvest Expert who spends her days helping customers, she was somehow sorted into Slytherin.

        A developer whose face has become one of our most popular custom Slack emojis, Cade spends his free time baking bread, brewing beer, and barbecuing butts. When asked about the strangest place hes ever worked, he answered, the bathroom.

        Jamie helps new customers discover the features theyre looking for in Harvest. Her favorite Harvest memory is completing an escape room with a small group of Harvesters at one of the teams summits, followed by dinner, drinks, and great conversation.

        While on a roadtrip across the United States, Pez once had to work with his laptop on an electrical transformer outside a car dealership in middle-of-nowhere Utah. What else can you do when the motel wifi isnt working?

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